Tax Free Retirement Plans


How would you like your
Retirement Income
Tax FREE for LIFE?

Do you have an IRA, 401(k) or other existing plan that grows tax deferred?  You will pay taxes when you withdraw on these Traditional Savings Accounts.   Nobody knows what the  tax rate will be when you withdraw.  We may be able to covert this to a TAX FREE ALTERNATIVE (TFA) Plan with NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES and NO PENALTY for 59-1/2 or older.

Tax Free Alternative
has many advantages over
traditional Retirement Plans.

Your never too young or too old to start a TFA Plan.

Business Owners
Self Employed
Traditionally Employed

We may have a TAX FREE Alternative Plan for you.
Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in TAXES.

We have a TAX FREE Alternative Solution.

Reevaluate your retirement plan.

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Live the Tax Free Alternative

  • Create a Tax Free Retirement Plan
  • Achieve Tax Free Growth
  • Suffer NO Market Losses.
  • Convert your existing plan to a TAX Free Alternative Plan with no out of pocket expense.


Prepare now or pay later.

Look at this simple example:

You are living on your retirement savings. You withdraw the $100,000 for your Food, Clothes, Travel, Entertainment etc. This is what you have been saving for all these years. Time is precious and so are your hard earned dollars.

You withdraw $100,000. Are you now you prepared to write the IRS a check for $30,000? $40,000? $50,000? Pull out your check book, write in Internal Revenue Service and fill in the blanks. OUCH.

Why haven’t I heard about this before?

The tax advantages of max-funded, tax-advantage insurance contracts are no secret. However this is complex for the average financial adviser or financial professional to implement without years of research and training.  The Wealthy have been using these Tax Fee Advantage Plans both personally and in business, to protect and perpetuate wealth for decades.  Many affluent and successful people have utilized these strategies  to attain a tax free retirement.  The IRS has fully defined these benefits within the Internal Revenue Code.

Keep more money in your pocket and out of Uncle Sam’s Pocket

  • Avoid Required Minimum Distributions
  • Control your assets and your Future Income
  • Avoid Market Risk while achieving significant gains.

Do you know what tax deferred means?

Tax Deferred means you WILL be writing a check yearly to the IRS when you withdraw your retirement savings.
Do you know what the tax will be then? NO!! Nobody does. WOW ! SCARY.

Deferred = Pay Later = When You Withdraw

When do you withdraw?
You withdraw when you retire

How much will you withdraw?
How much will you need?
How much will your check to the IRS be?