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We allow up to 35% of liquid assets. Cash Life Insurance, Retirement plans like IRA’s and 401(k)’s, savings. The rule of thumb is about 35% of liquid asset’s.

In addition to the 35% that you can put into this Tax Free Savings we also have other vehicles that we can use such as ROTH IRA or Mini bonds.  There is risk involved with these but the income structure from these will be tax free for life with these products.

You receive the income from a series of loans with either a lump sum or a monthly income, however you decide to take it.  The percentage that you take is determined by how long you hold the contract.  So for example if you hold the contract for 10 years, you receive about 10% of the amount that you originally invested for life.

The index that I prefer to use is a balanced index. The return over the last 20 years has been 8.68% per year.  Over the last 25 years we have average 9.26% per year.. and over the last 30 yrs. 8.89% per year.   The reason these rates are higher than the regular rate of return you see from the S & P for example is because we don’t take losses.  Like when we had losses from the early 2000’s and also in 2008 when the market took those big hits.  So therefore, we don’t suffer any losses in the years there are losses in the years there are gains.

If you are going to use qualified income or money such as IRA’s or 401(k) the optimal age is 59.5 and over.  Business owners of any age also find this concept beneficial.

The Tax Free Alternative Product we have has been around for 30 years.  Yes it is approved by the IRS.  It is part of the Internal Revenue Code as is IRA and 401(k)

Yes.  As we all know Required Minimum Distributions, better know as RMD’s are required at 70.5 on any qualified retirement plan.  Our product avoids having to taking Required Minimum Distributions when you use our Tax Free Alternative Plan.

In one word it’s called CONTROL.  In other words control against risk, market losses which happen in retirement which we can’t afford because we don’t have the time horizon in Retirement to come back from losses and we have to reduce our risk.  So this particular product gives us CONTROL over the losses we are concerned with.

The Tax Free Retirement Plan that we offer is a system investing in call options that only takes gains, never takes the losses.  So what we do we take the interest earned off of your investment each year and buy a multiplier of ( effective thru the options market?? ) and we do not exercise if there is a loss.

Anyone who wants to accumulate wealth and pass it onto their heirs because at the end of this contract we pay out not only tax free income to you for life but also to your heirs in a lump sum form at the end of your life so anyone that wants to, as the wealthy have been doing for years is keep their wealth and keep it from the eyes of the government.

Alway’s GAINS never LOSSES.  100% of your money is backed by bonds that every year spin off interest.  This interest we use to invest in call options which provides a multiplier effect earning you up to 17% a year.  No losses possible, you can NOT loose money if the market goes down you will gain when the market goes up.

Should be asking questions

As to financial advisors, your probably not told about this because they simply have never been informed about these products. They get comfortable in there own way of doing business. CPA’s are tax historians, they don’t forecast for your taxes in retirement.

Yes, It is called an executive bonus plan.  Where you decide what you want to take from your company as a bonus each year.  Then when tax season comes around each year we loan you the money to pay your taxes on it should you decide to use it that way.  This way you will have a tax free retirement income for life and you don’t have to do it for all your employees.

Taxes are paid by the company loaning you the money for each year that you make the deposit. We reimburse you via check for the amount that you request to pay to the Internal Revenue Service each year. The money does not come out of your account value. It is a loan from the company that will be paid back upon your death from your account value.

Simply, because the tax free retirement account that we use invests only in call options so that the call options are only exercised if there is a gain.

The death benefit in this particular product is tax free. After we pay back the money that we paid you in the form of loans and interest, we pay the income direct to your beneficiary tax free.

The taxes are pretty stiff.  If your married and have a joint income of $34,000 then 50% of your Social Security Income will be taxed.  If indeed your income from IRA Pensions and so on exceed $44,000 than 85% of you and your spouses benefit is taxable. You can help reduce that converting as much as possible of your Retirement income from qualified plans into this tax free alternative plan that we offer.  Because the money then becomes non qualified does not count toward your income taxes.

Because I will act in your best interest to bring about as much tax free income to you as possible.  The fact of the matter is I have 45 years in this business. I know the industry. I know how it works and I know how it will work for you.

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