Michael D. Thomas Agency

Tax Free Retirement Specialist.

Our passion is a bonus for you as we continually are seeking ways to save you from paying huge sums of your hard earned money on your current tax deferred retirement plan. Educating yourself now before your required to write those huge checks to the IRS is a great idea and will save you from paying great sums of taxes.

Mike and his team are here to help you understand that traditional retirement plans are, in actuality, a retirement plan for our government. You save now with annuities, IRA, 401K and defer your taxes now BUT you have no idea what the tax rate will be when you withdraw your money during your retirement. OUCH… Do not get burned should be the warning label on Tax Deferred investments. There is a better way! WISEN UP.

With offices throughout the USA MDT Agency advises those with above average incomes on how to retire tax free.

Michael D. Thomas

Tax Free Retirement Specialist

Michael has over 45 years in the financial services industry. Michael is licensed and maintains offices across the United States. Specializing in Tax Free Retirement income for those with above average income who desire zero losses and succession benefits. Michael has a passion for free enterprise and helping find the perfect solution for every opportunity.

Michael takes the time to meet with you to discuss your specific desires and needs for retirement.  He is like an old doctor making house calls.  Coming to you and spending time understanding your goals he is able to create financial solutions that afford you the financial freedom you deserve.

Phone: (989) 714-5606
Email: Mike@mdtagency.com

Dawn Thomas


Dawn has over 40 years experience in manufacturing leadership. This experience brings her the awareness of the need for Tax Free Retirement planning for manufacturing executives and career professionals. Dawn is a licensed Life Agent and supports the Michael D. Thomas Agency with research and recommendations for manufacturing professionals. Dawn enjoys volunteering on several executive boards in the area, she golf’s, gardens reads and rides her motorcycle.


Randall H Gremel

Tax Free Retirement Specialist

Randall has been helping people with their life insurance and financial needs for over 45 years. Throughout his career, Randall’s approach has always been to personally spend time “listening” to his clients, so that he may have a better understanding of their specific situation. This allows for him to create a plan which directly focuses on helping them to achieve their individual goals. For his leisure time, Randall’s activities include golfing, bowling and fishing.

Phone:  (615) 427-8148
Email:  rhgagency@gmail.com

Mark Kalivas

Tax Free Retirement Specialist

Mark has enjoyed the experiences of working with others and their needs for most of his life.  He feels that there is always a solution to a problem and he will make sure he provides that solution.  In 2009, Mark received his Eagle Scout award and attended Central Michigan University in 2010 for his business degree.  Mark’s Eagle Scout Project was the ultimate test of all that he had learned in Scouts. After raising over $10,000, creating a plan, putting in over 1,500 hours into the project, and leading the project from start to finish, Mark had accomplished a task that less than only 1% of other Scouts attain.  At Central Michigan University, Mark learned how to run his own business through the knowledge gained from a business degree.  Mark is certified in life, health, and accident insurance and loves working with individuals to achieve a tax-free retirement and saving money.  Mark enjoys swimming, hockey, baseball and being a soccer coach for local youth.

Phone: (989)297-3999
Email: Mtk2813@gmail.com

Kimberly Megoran

Director of Marketing &
New Business Development

Kimberly serves MDT Agency as Director of Marketing and New Business Development. With over 25 years experience in Marketing Kimberly plans and executes MDT Agency marketing program leveraging growth opportunities for the Agency and it’s adviser’s.
Kimberly spends her free time playing music and creating art. Performing for the last 2 decades across the state of Michigan she has developed a trail of great friends and musical comrades.

Phone: (989) 205-6998
Email: kmegoran@gmail.com